Radio Talk Shows

Mass media can be an extremely efficient way to reach many more people than in-person visits. We conduct radio talk shows six days a month at two radio stations in both Sebei and Elgon regions, reaching hundreds of thousands of people. The stations we work with have towers high on mountaintops, giving them very broad coverage.

Our radio topics cover a wide range of health issues, giving people the tools they need to take charge of their own health, and spurring much discussion within the communities we reach. We plan out a series of topics which build upon each other, and cover all aspects of health and lifestyle, as well as responding to urgent health crises in each community. Often we will invite an expert on a particular subject to discuss issues with our health program manager (who is our radio host.) The second part of each show includes a call-in time, which is very active with lively discussion and deep questions.

Measuring the impact of mass media such as radio is harder and less exact than with in-person home visits. But we are blessed to receive many testimonies from call-in listeners as well as people approaching our health program manager on the street or in our offices. People have been able to catch cancer just in time, treat unknown diabetes and correct pre-diabetes, and help their friends who have not been addressing major health issues. They also use the knowledge gained from our shows to start conversations with friends and neighbors about health and lifestyle.

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