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Volunteer with DCI in Uganda

DCI has great impact with very small budgets. We are always eager for fresh perspectives and energies, and we welcome volunteers to join us in the field for short or long stays. If you have experience in ESL, curriculum development, adult education, sustainable agriculture, entrepreneurship, human rights, marriage and parenting, nutrition and health skills, grant writing, or other areas which can be of help, and you might have some time, we can find ways to accommodate you. Please let us know.

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Volunteer with DCI in The US

DCI operates on the principle that all donated funds are sent directly to the field of operations. Our board is not paid. However, we still need help getting the word out, applying for grants, organizing for events, and other important tasks. If you would like to be a part of our team and help DCI do what we do, please send us a message and let us know that you want to be a part of us. 

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Volunteer shares about DCI at an event

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