Jonathan Beggs


Mr. Beggs has done community development in Uganda for 15 years. For more than a decade a missionary working with a group of 100 churches in Uganda, he is now serving as country director now that DCI is operating fully independently in Uganda, overseeing and guiding the work of DCI, as well as supervising accountability and funding, and being a bridge between the board and the operations team.

He has past experience in government social services, the private sector, and the non-profit world. He obtained part of his university education in Africa, gaining valuable local perspective in anticipation of the work in which is he is now engaged. Jonathan is very intentional about creating a team of local expertise in regards to values, and social and economic development. He believes that successful development work must originate from the communities and the beneficiaries themselves. Jonathan has a talent in discovering and guiding individuals toward realizing their fullest potential, a skill that has enabled DCI to move people and communities toward self-sustainability. In addition to his work in Uganda, Mr. Beggs actively serves as an ex-officio member on the DCI Board in the U.S., and engages in fundraising for the organization.

In his free time Jonathan plays classical piano and violin and performs with orchestras and music groups around East Africa.  

Jabez Banan


Jabez Banan is DCI’s longtime director of health projects, an original Ugandan staff member when we began the projects in 2005. He is a fully certified comprehensive nurse and midwife, and holds a degree in Hospital Administration from Islamic University in Uganda (Mbale), and a graduate diploma as an Ophthalmic Clinical Officer.

With his medical background experience as a nurse, and as a currently practicing ophthalmologist at Kapchorwa Main Hospital, Jabez believes in a preventive model of healthcare. He believes that prevention is much better than cure and that healthy living benefits not just individuals, but also communities and the entire world. Mr. Banan says health is not only physical but is a wholistic combination of the body, soul, and mind.

Jabez’s gifting as a public speaker, along with his lively personality, serves him well as he leads school and community trainings and hosts DCI’s regular radio talk shows. 
Mr. Banan has a vision of working with DCI to develop a comprehensive health program including education, community sensitization, and clinics to fully achieve our goals.

Jabez has been a leader since his school days, organizing and leading youth groups, student unions, and church ministries. He is very active in preaching and teaching in church, evangelistic meetings, and workshops and trainings. Asked about the happiest moments of life, he says not even when he is with his close family can compare to that moment when a patient has recovered from a condition after his services, or shares how his work has changed their life.

Martin Turibamwe


Mr. Turibamwe is the current brain piloting the Comprehensive Adult Literacy Education program, one of DCI’s main projects. Martin believes that people themselves can cause a positive change in society, and that every individual is capable of contributing towards this change. However he thinks it takes time for an individual to make a transition to a higher standard of living. 

Martin graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Adult and Community Education from Kyambogo University. During his time there, he generated a taste for community development as he dealt with people in rural and urban settings. 

He has served both in government and in the NGO (non-profit) world, which exposed him to policy development and practices of Adult Literacy, in addition to formal school teaching, enhancing his skills in office and field management of Functional Adult Literacy, women’s rights education, and mass sensitization in community development. 

He derives happiness from both composing and singing music. He has written a number of gospel albums and says this is his personal platform of expression. He thinks that even adult literacy can also be enhanced through inspirational authorship as well as in musical form. 

He is passionate about change in people’s lives and about his work with DCI.

Joseph Tamale


Mr. Tamale (TJ) is our Administrative Assistant and handles bookkeeping and administrative work. He believes that achieving success is a gradual process, comparing his early experience at DCI with his current achievements.  He says that DCI being more a family rather than just a work team has seen him realize his potential.

Away from DCI responsibilities, TJ loves music, dance, and drama; in the company of a drum and an ‘aduungu’, he feels life is complete. TJ gained these skills through his involvement in Reach-out Mbuya, an organization which sponsored him growing up as an orphan.  

DCI’s comic personality, TJ lightens the mood when our work becomes stressful. Mr. Tamale is a multitalented character and believes his artistic and athletic skills explain his ability to socialize, adjust, and fit in any kind of environment.

Shafik Kigozi


Mr. Shafik Kigozi is our Logistics Assistant at DCI, ensuring the safety of the staff as they travel from one place to another while on duty, and planning for major and minor events and workshops. He has previous experience in budget execution, professional driving and maintenance, and has outstanding marketing and promotion skills. Before coming to DCI, he worked in all regions of Uganda with Vivo Energy and Africa Fuels and Lubricants as a sales representative. He is committed and passionate towards his responsibility as DCI’s professional driver as he gives priority to life.

Shafik’s secret for achieving positive change and results lies in being a down to earth and understanding character who is able to relate with any kind of personality when the need arises. Shafik finds driving and listening to live music as hobbies and medicine for stress.

Watsala Alfred


Mr. Alfred Watsala manages our Mbale facilities and takes care of our staff when there. He takes pride in his work and often has to work alone for extended periods. But we know that our facilities and assets are secure in his hands. Alfred is a reserved person. His wisdom leads him to say that learning never ends, and he always looks forward to what knowledge he can gain. At the same time, Alfred’s easygoing nature relates with all of our staff, consultants, and beneficiaries who come to our offices. While currently focusing on facilities and asset management with us, Alfred also has interest in veterinary studies and pursuing higher education towards this end

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