Our Approach and Values

The following core operating values influence the internal culture and public image of DCI-Uganda as an effective community-based organization serving a wide variety of individuals, families, and communities. 

  • Love

We emphasize and show love for all people in the communities in which we work, as God commands us. Leading by example, we expect our partners to do the same.

  • Integrity

DCI-Uganda expects the highest level of integrity in its administrative, service, and outreach activities; we tie these activities directly to our mission, and we maintain and report our records accurately. We preach and practice integrity, understanding that it can be difficult in a complex and at times corrupt environment. We partner with groups which have the same high standards and expectations.

  • Inclusiveness

DCI seeks to include all voices in the creation of our programs. We believe that problems, needs, preferences, and solutions all lie within the communities and amongst the people themselves.

DCI honors choices and decisions taken by people and communities and encourages each person to take responsibility for his/her own life, helping to create wholistic living. We respect the role that families have in helping to shape these choices as well.

DCI does not discriminate against any individuals who may benefit from our programs. We are to be a vessel of God’s love for all people.

  • Passion

DCI is passionate about the work to which we are called, and we expect all staff, volunteers and partners to share this passion. We derive our strength from a passionate commitment to the people we serve, as implemented in our programs and relationships. Our work only succeeds if our local partners and beneficiaries are equally passionate about their roles in their development process.

  • Result Oriented

We are a results-oriented entity that aims for excellence and high quality, through state-of-the-art approaches that communities and their families can always count on. While not all human development is easily quantified, we hold ourselves accountable to measurable markers of success in our work and we are always willing to adjust or change course to ensure effective results are realized for our partners and beneficiaries.

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