Let’s Move Ahead Together; DCI students at Bududa are looking to their future with hope.  Then see how a DCI Literacy Teacher is made   January 2020 Newsletter

We are into 2020 and gearing up for a big year. The need is so great and villages are begging for our services. Our program teaches adults to read.  But at a certain age, people need reading glasses. Our students have usually not realized this until they begin, but they can’t afford their first pair.  Read more

2019 has been a big year as a DCI teacher catches our vision December 2019 Newsletter

Bernah Namutosi was frustrated with some of her students.  As a brand new DCI literacy teacher, experienced in teaching but not yet fully trained in adult education, she wasn’t prepared for the students who had never before entered a classroom of any type.  Read more

DCI interacts with Mercy Sabura, one of the new adult learners August 2019 Newsletter

Mercy Sabura, tearfully shares her unique story but with a common desire to change through the adult literacy program at DCI.  Read more

DCI intern motivated by our students   July 2019 Newsletter

Gertrude Kuseka, an intern at DCI, has expressed how literacy beneficiaries inspired her during her stay with us. Read more

Numbers are everything   May 2019 Newsletter

Literacy students are excited about learning arithmetic and using it for business. Christopher believes this will change his life and that of his community members. Read more

DCI car lost in accident   April 2019 Newsletter

DCI must raise funds to replace our field vehicle after it was destroyed in an accident.  Read more

Curriculum series: Gender Today March 2019 Newsletter 

In our continuing series on on our curriculum subjects, we disucss how adult literacy students at DCI have embraced a positive attitude  towards their own value and the value of others in the community through the Gender section.  Read more

DCI launches our new, improved, and more focused adult literacy curriculum
December 2018 Newsletter

Merry Christmas from DCI! We hope you are able to be with loved ones to remember and celebrate the arrival of Jesus into our world. Read more

Over 1360 patients get free full eye screening, eye examination, eye health education November 2018 Newsletter

DCI, in partnership with a team of 14 optometrists, opticians, and other volunteers from VOSH-Northwest in Seattle have hosted a free optometry clinic in Kapchorwa and Mbale, extending services to over nine districts for 1 week. Read more

DCI is ready to begin new adult literacy classes, but awaits funding  August 2018 Newsletter

DCI has cleared an initial assessment of  22 villages in different parts of Uganda to host the new classes, including new teacher recruitment. Read more

New Literacy Graduate

DCI visits all her literacy centers in the different regions of operation July 2018 Newsletter

DCI visits nine different communities and meets with their leaders and future students to ensure the communities are ready for the program. Read more

Communities request DCI ministry for entrepreneurship skills June 2018 Newsletter

Pokot communities ask DCI to provide for entrepreneurship skills in their literacy classes as soon as possible Read more

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