A world of empowered local communities with realized potential to live productive and wholistically transformed lives.


To come alongside with the love of Christ and equip disadvantaged communities with life skills and health education, to see and embrace opportunities for a wholistic life.


  • To empower communities to read, write, interpret, and express ideas at national and international levels, giving them the communication skills needed for independent development.
  • To equip vulnerable communities with sustainable business skills and a creative, entrepreneurial mindset for socio-economic development, including the arithmetic skills needed for complex business enterprise
  • To promote spiritually mature individuals who strive for a stronger personal relationship with God, understand their faith, and live a godly way of life evidenced in the way they treat all other people.
  • To promote communities with positive mindsets about gender issues, human rights, marriage and parenting, and civic responsibility.
  • To encourage communities to adopt appropriate agricultural skills, attitudes and practices which promote food security and a broader focus on growth beyond subsistence farming.
  • To equip communities with necessary information for promoting healthy living that contributes to the development of beneficiaries and their communities.
  • To empower students to communicate beyond their local area to the broader nation and world, English being the national language
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