Staff Team

Development Companions International (DCI) is a registered non-profit organization (NGO) which works with various community partners including churches and other faith-based groups, recently mostly in rural Africa. We are motivated by our faith; in following Christ we must love all our neighbors.  We challenge local ministries to show this love in action by creating and running programs which bring development and sustainability to people’s lives throughout the community.  DCI currently focuses primarily on adult literacy, community health education, and leadership in a number of communities in eastern Uganda to create solutions for development.  

We currently have more than 20 adult literacy classes spread across eastern Uganda near the border with Kenya.  These classes meet several times per week, learning a comprehensive and wholistic curriculum designed to help adult learners to take charge of their own development. 

DCI’s health education programs include sequential school trainings for students and teachers, combined with coordinated trainings in the surrounding communities, utilizing community leaders and model households. We conduct weekly radio health talk shows in both Mbale and Kapchorwa towns, reaching hundreds of thousands in the surrounding communities, with very active listener call-in times.

Over the last decade DCI has graduated 1405 adults from our literacy classes, directly transforming more than 1000 families. We have also trained many church leaders, enhancing  ministry development skills, church management and leadership, Biblical interpretation and preaching, and worship arts.

DCI works on the principle of utilizing local initiative and talent. Almost all our staff is Ugandan with hearts for serving their people.

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